2021 Democratic Candidates 

Local Candidates

Lower Merion School Board Candidates

Endorsed Candidates

Kerry Sautner

Melanie Schafmeister

Anna Shurak

Unendorsed Candidates

Mary Brown (Democrat cross filed as Republican)

Kimberly Garrison (Running on a slate with the endorsed candidates)

Magisterial District Judge

District 38-02-04

Endorsed Candidate

Karen Zucker (I)

Unendorsed Candidates

Joseph Hirsch (did not seek endorsement)

Andrew Kronfeld

District 38-01-06

Endorsed Candidate

Henry Schireson (38-01-06) (I)

District 38-01-07

Endorsed Candidate

Michael Quinn (38-01-07) (I)

Lower Merion Municipal Candidates

Board of Commissioners

Endorsed Candidates

Josh Grimes - Ward 2 (I)

Anthony Stevenson - Ward 4 (I)

Andy Gavrin - Ward 6 (I)

Shawn Kraemer - Ward 8

Todd Sinai - Ward 12 (I)

Rick Churchill - Ward 14 (I)

Tax Collector

Endorsed Candidate

Sam Adenbaum (I)

Lower Merion Constable

Julie Sokoloff (I) (did not seek endorsement)

Narberth Municipal Candidates

Borough Council (four open seats)

Endorsed Candidates

Frederic Bush (I)

Michelle Paninopoulos (I)

Cyndi Rickards (I)

Ira Winston

Unendorsed Candidates

Dennis Callan

John Munroe


Endorsed Candidate

Andrea Deutsch (I)


Tax Collector

Endorsed Candidate

Regina Watson (I)

Statewide and County Endorsed Candidates

Pennsylvania Supreme Court

Maria McLaughlin

Pennsylvania Superior Court

Timika Lane

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court

(vote for both)

Lori Dumas

David Spurgeon

Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas

Nicole Philips

Montgomery County Jury Commissioner

Joanne Olszewski

(I) - Incumbent