Mail in ballot checklist

Use this checklist to help you complete your ballot and return it promptly

Questions? Call PA Dems voter assistance hotline:  833 728 6837

Closest official Montgomery County Election Board secure ballot drop box: Ludington Library 


  • October 3 – October 30
    Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 9 AM – 4 PM
    Tuesday & Thursday: 11 AM – 6 PM
    Saturday & Sunday: 11 AM – 4 PM

  • October 31 and November 1
    Saturday and Sunday: 10 AM – 6 PM

  • November 2 and November 3
    Monday & Tuesday: 9 AM – 8 PM

(other locations: County Board of Elections or call 610 278 3280)

Each voter may return ONLY THEIR OWN BALLOT (no one else’s, not even a family member’s or neighbor’s) to a designated drop box, the Lower Merion Voter Services Center (925 Montgomery Ave., Narberth, 19072 - open October 10 - October 26), or the County Board of Elections ASAP and no later than Election Day (November 3rd).
If you use the Post Office, MAIL your ballot at least fourteen (14) days (October 20) before Election Day (November 3).



  • I have my ballot, the official election envelope (sometimes called the 'secrecy' envelope), and the return envelope. If anything is missing, please call the County Board of Elections at 610-278-3280.

  • I have read the directions.

  • My name is accurately noted on the return envelope.

  • I have a black pen. Please use only ONE pen for marking your ENTIRE ballot.


  • Starting from the bottom and working my way up, I made sure to completely fill in the corresponding bubble for each Democratic candidate. I have NOT used Xs or checkmarks to fill in my bubbles.

  • I’ve double checked that I have marked my ballot for every office.

  • I have not made any other marks on my ballot.



If you make a mistake and vote for multiple candidates or the wrong candidate, you cannot cross out the mistake or white it out.  Instead, you must take the ballot, secrecy envelope, and return envelope to a Voter Services Center or the County Board of Elections to replace the spoiled ballot.



  • I’ve placed my ballot in the OFFICIAL ELECTION ENVELOPE (sometimes referred to as the 'secrecy envelope'). I did not make any marks on the OFFICIAL ELECTION ENVELOPE.
    (If you put your name, candidate, and/or party affiliation on it, your ballot won’t count.)

  • I’ve sealed the envelope with a moist paper towel for sanitary purposes.

  • I’ve placed the official election/secrecy envelope inside the return envelope.

  • I signed the declaration on the back of the return envelope, answered any other questions, and dated it with TODAY’s date (If you don’t sign and complete the declaration, your vote won’t count.)

  • If I had help completing my ballot, I made sure that person signs the witness declaration on the back of the return envelope.

  • I sealed the return envelope with a wet paper towel for sanitary purposes.

  • I returned my ballot to a official Montgomery County Election Board secure ballot drop box, Voter Services Center, or the County Board of Elections, One Montgomery Plaza, 425 Swede St, Suite 602, Norristown PA, or mailed it not later than October 20. (If mailing, first class postage is prepaid, so do not affix postage stamps.)

Please do not vote for any third-party candidates. Here’s why: Margins of victory in Pennsylvania statewide races are so close, we cannot afford to divert any of our Democratic votes to third-party candidates who can’t win. In the end, a Democrat voting for a third-party candidate benefits Republican candidates.