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Sample Ballot

Updated: May 20

Sample Primary Ballot

With the recent withdrawal of Bernie Sanders, many voters are questioning the importance of participating in the primary on June 2. Make no mistake -- voting in the primary is still of critical importance; voting is our right and our responsibility. On June 2 we are not only voting for the Presidential nominee, but also for delegates to the Democratic National Convention and state offices. There are contested races for the important positions of Auditor General, State Senate, and for the 166th General Assembly (for those who reside in small parts Penn Wynne/small parts of Wynnewood/parts of Ardmore).

The sample ballots for both the PA-4 and PA-5 are below. On these ballots you will notice two separate sections that deal with the Presidential nomination process. The first is to cast your vote for your choice for the presidential nominee and the second is where you will have the opportunity to vote for delegates to the Democratic National Convention. In the delegate category you will see the name of the individual running to be a delegate AND the name of the candidate to whom they are pledged. You may choose to vote for delegates who are pledged to different candidates. If you live in the PA-5 for example, you could vote for all four Biden candidates and for five candidates for Sanders for a total of nine delegates. This means you can vote for one candidate in the presidential category and still vote for delegates pledged to a different candidate. In summary:

· You will vote for your choice to be the presidential nominee (Sanders, Biden or Gabbard)

· You will then vote for up to 9 or 10 delegates (depending on your Congressional district) to the Democratic National Convention.

· Your delegate votes are individual, and you could choose to vote for delegates pledged to Biden AND for delegates pledged to Sanders.

· You MAY vote for delegates pledged to someone other than your chosen Presidential nominee if you wish.

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