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Supreme Court Decision Summary

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Ruling Summary

September 17, 2020 the Pennsylvania Supreme Court handed down several important decisions that impact the November 3 election. Since the results of this ruling affects who would be appearing on the ballot, ballots could not be printed or mailed until the decision was rendered. Now that the decision is final, ballots can now be printed and mailed. Keep an eye on your ballot status, as you will be alerted when your mail-in ballot is on the way! You can check your ballot status by clicking here.

Here are the key provisions of the ruling:

1) The Green Party candidates for President and Vice president were struck from the ballot. There will not be a Green Party Presidential Candidate on the ballot in PA.

2) The Green Party candidates for Attorney General, Auditor General and Treasurer will appear on the ballot.

3) Montgomery County can move forward with its plan to set up satellite voter services offices and drop boxes for mail-in ballots. There will be an office located at 925 Montgomery Ave in Narberth, next to Staples on Montgomery Ave. The location of any additional drop box has not yet been disclosed.

4) Ballots postmarked by 8 p.m. November 3 and received by the county by November 6 will be accepted. (WE STILL STRONGLY URGE YOU TO VOTE AND RETURN YOUR MAIL-IN BALLOT AS SOON AS YOU RECEIVE IT.)

5) A ballot that is not received “properly” i.e. missing a signature, not inside the security envelope etc., can be struck. So please take time to follow all directions for filling out your ballot.

6) The county is under no obligation to alert the voter that there is a problem with a ballot. Please follow all directions precisely.

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