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Volunteer Opportunities, Signs, FAQs

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Volunteer Opportunities

There is no question that this is the most important election of our lifetime and we need all hands on deck. Every week from now until election day, we will be sending out our newsletter, and you can check here for new and recurring volunteer opportunities. Whether it’s writing postcards for a state house candidate or volunteering at the polls on election day, you will find information about how to get involved. The information will be updated weekly, so be sure to check this section of the weekly email for the most up-to-date opportunities! Together we win!

Phone Banking: Volunteers are needed to phone bank and text bank Democrats in Lower Merion and Narberth. Please contact Linda Tasker if you are able to help at

Election Day Workers: We have had several inquiries from individuals interested in working on election day. There is still work being done to determine if polling locations will be consolidated and where staffing will be needed. Keep your eye on this space and as soon as we have details we will post them here.

General Election and Voting Q&A

My favorite teacher always said, “If you have a question ask it. Odds are at least two other people in the room are wondering the same thing!” Do you have questions or concerns about mail in voting, election day, the election or even elections in general? We are going to dedicate this space to answering your questions! Email any questions to The questioner will remain anonymous, but I assure you that if you have a question, at least three other people reading this have the same one. (Not to mention the countless other people who will be glad you asked because they didn’t even realize they had that question!)

Based on the Supreme Court rulings I am still very worried about if my signature on my mail in ballot will match exactly to my voter registration.

Good news, the League of Women Voters recently brought a suit and in PA a mail in ballot cannot be rejected solely on the belief that the signature does not match the signature in the voter’s file. To learn more you can read about the decision on the League of Women Voters website here.

Will there be drop-boxes for mail-in ballots in Lower Merion/Narberth?

Yes, the county is going to be placing a satellite Voter Services Office at 925 Montgomery Ave in Narberth. You will be able to drop off your completed ballot at this location.

If I have already applied to vote by mail can I change my mind after I receive my ballot?

YES! If you decide you want to vote in person on election day you still can. Bring your mail-in ballot and all of it’s envelopes to your regular poll. Let the poll workers know you wish to vote in person and they will guide you from there.

I heard I can vote early in person, is this true?

Yes and no. You can both apply for and deliver your mail-in ballot in person at the voter services office in Norristown. Once mail-in ballots are available, on or after September 14, you can go to voter services and apply for your mail-in ballot and receive it immediately. You may then choose to fill out your ballot before you leave. After completing your ballot you can turn it in on the spot. Your ballot is still considered a mail-in ballot and will be counted with the other mail-in ballots on election day.

Where can I get a Biden/Harris Lawn Sign?

The Committee has ordered a supply of Biden/Harris signs that are available (while supplies last) for a minimum donation of $5 each to cover our costs and raise a modest amount.

To order Biden/Harris signs:

1. Contribute at – you will receive an emailed receipt from Paypal.

2. Forward your Paypal receipt to David Kedson at and indicate how many signs you want.

3.Arrange with David to pick up your signs from him.

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