Biden-Harris 2020

The Committee has ordered a supply of Biden/Harris signs that are available for a minimum donation of $5 each to cover our costs and raise a modest amount.

To order signs:

  1. Contribute by clicking the button above – you will receive an emailed receipt from Paypal.

  2. Forward your Paypal receipt to David Kedson at and indicate how many signs you want.

  3. Arrange with David to pick up your signs from him.

If you are placing an order for 10 or more, we will be glad to take a check if that is more convenient – please reach out to Jonathan Shapiro at if that is the case.


David also has “VOTE SAFELY BY MAIL” signs for purchase, so reach out to him directly on those.

We also have a number of Shapiro, Scanlon, Dean and Cappalletti signs available at no charge.