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2024 Democratic Candidates

Updated: May 3

Not every candidate for localized offices will appear on every ballot. To find out who your representatives are, clickwere.

Click a candidate to be taken to their campaign website.


President Biden is running for a second term, along with VP Kamala Harris. His first term touts a long list of accomplishments, including but not limited to: historic infrastructure investments; the CHIPS Act to keep America competitive; Medicare price negotiation; record low unemployment; cancelling billions in student debt; strengthening NATO; leading the country and economy out of the pandemic.


Elected to the Senate in 2006, Bob Casey has been a champion for PA families and blue collar workers. Legislative highlights include: ABLE Act, allowing families to save for the long-term care of loved once with disabilities; Campus SaVE Act, redefining the way colleges and universities respond to sexual assault. In his next term, Casey has vowed to fight back against corporate greed and “shrinkflation” of which he has long been a vocal critic.


One of PA’s fastest rising stars, Malcolm Kenyatta is a third generation North Philadelphian who has been serving in the PA General Assembly since 2019. He has been chosen for multiple prestigious fellowships and international delegations including: the Bertelsmann Leadership Fellow in the Digital Economy, the bipartisan Hunt/Kean Leadership Fellow in Education, American Jewish Committee (AJC) Project Interchange.


Eugene de Pasquale formerly served as a member of PA’s General Assembly, and as PA’s Auditor General where he earned a reputation for being fair and independent. The son of a formerly incarcerated felon, De Pasquale knows the impact the justice system can have on a family, and how important it is to work towards rehabilitation. As AG he would go after corporate greed and strengthen protections for workers and consumers.


Mary Gay Scanlon has been a tireless advocate for PA’s vulnerable families for her entire career. In Congress she has cosponsored over 400 bills and serves on the House Judiciary Committee, as well as the House Committee on Rules. She has secured vital funding to keep jobs and factories in PA and led the House debate on critical legislative victories such as the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act and the Equality Act.

Madeleine Dean has been making waves in Congress since her election in 2018. Known for her leading role in Donald Trump’s 2021 impeachment, she also serves on the House Judiciary Committee, House Financial Services Committee, and is the Vice Chair of the Bipartisan Women’s Caucus. A founding member of the Congressional PFAS Taskforce. Notable legislation includes: STOIC Act to provide mental health resources for first responders.


Amanda Cappelletti has served in the PA Senate since 2021. In her short time in office, she has introduced legislation to enact a 72 hour waiting period for all firearms transfers, safe firearms storage requirements, and a plan to put PA on track for 100% renewable energy. The former Director of Policy for Planned Parenthood, she has been an outspoken leader in the fight to protect and increase accessibility to women’s reproductive health.


Mary Jo Daley has served in the PA General Assembly since 2013. In 2015, she cofounded Emerge PA to help encourage more women to run for office. Her legislation has focused on women and families, conservation of PA’s green spaces, and the protection of voting rights. She is committed to helping get big money out of politics and reducing gun violence through common sense gun control legislation.

Tim Briggs has been serving in the PA House since 2009 and boasts a long list of legislative accomplishments. He has been able to enact legislation focused on (but not limited to): keeping siblings in foster care together; keeping student athletes safe and their sports equitable; providing suicide prevention resources for PA’s educators. He currently serves as Chairman of the PA House Judiciary Committee.

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